Tips on how to save money on gas furnaces

Tips on how to save money on gas furnaces

In this article we’ll discuss how you can save money on gas and more specifically propane or liquified petroleum. If you’re in a city, there’s natural gas right now that’s one of the most efficient types of heating outdoors there. What happens is if you get outside in more rural areas we’re seeing people with furnaces that have Liquified petroleum gas and other means of heating equipment to heat their house.

Here are some tips on how you can save energy with your gas furnace.

Use dual fuel – heat pump system

We’ll highlight it real quick that dual fuel systems, if you don’t know what dual  fuel is.  Dual fuel is where you have an outdoor heat pump instead of just a straight cooling system and the goal is on milder days instead of burning gas. Only straight gas may be enough if you don’t need that kind of heat all day and you obviously need that run and consume extra amps on an early cold day of the year. but if it’s a mild spring or fall day you don’t need to be burning gas you know you can have a very efficient high seer heat pump outside running on those milder days and you’re not burning any gas. so maybe look at doing a dual fuel system instead of a one heat one cool type of system and see if it will help you save on gas.


Check AFUE rating

Look at the AFUE ratings on the furnace that you’re about to install, SEER and if it’s an air conditioning you definitely want to look at the serial number and see whether or not it’s an inverter system. AFUE abbreviation for “Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency” ratio. The percentage that was assigned to rate the furnace efficiencies by dividing the heat ratio of the output heat by the input heat. This thing  can help you to save energy and lower your fuel cost. As far as saving gas the more efficient, it is the higher the AFUE number the efficiency increases.

Extended fan run time

This last tip that I’ll give you, most people didn’t know that you can save money when running your gas furnace extended fan run time on your thermostat. Not all thermostat have this feature but if you have it you can turn on your extended fan run time on your heating cycle. And the thought processes,  if you have this hot heat exchanger you’ve already paid you’ve already burned the gas to heat up that heat exchanger. What is the best way to get the most out of that already warm heat exchanger? you know just turning on that extender fan on time, what’s going to happen is your thermostat calls for heat it’s going to run heat up that heat exchanger it blows warm in your house.  then after it reaches temperature the gas. But you can still get a little bit more heating out of the unit just blowing air across that already warmed up heat exchanger, that extra warm air and fan run time will gain you some savings in the long run.

Hope these tips help you on saving money in a gas furnace.

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