Tips in finding good HVAC contractors

Tips in finding good HVAC contractors

I have some tips that I’m going to give you on finding your next good contractor. The first two are usually normal ones, the third one I think is a little different and unique.

  • Word of Mouth

This one is sort of a bit more of a warning on this tip and that is word of mouth. As far as I know, one best advertising is word-of-mouth, asking your friends and family who they’re using etc. etc. up one warning that I’ll give you though that I have found even personally and that is if you ask someone for a referral and they give you someone that they recommend ask them how they know this person. if it’s their relatives who just does this on the side and he’s not a license and insurance company. chances are that might not be who you want to use even though your friend who you think you know wants the best for you is referring them to your right so that would be the first step word of mouth ask your friends and family but I would also throw in there ask them how they know who they’re referring you to.


  • Check out the online company reviews 

This second tip that I have would be to check out the online reviews for any company. I think any normal decent company today even if they’re not Internet savvy you should be able to find some reviews on them good or bad. If they have a bad review that’s not necessarily a bad thing read it and there you know it could be just a disgruntled customer because they wanted something for free. I always try to read reviews when I go to restaurants and some of the things that people complain about there are just crazy to me so that would be the first two tips that I’m telling you that are usually normal.


  • Ask the HVAC vendors in the area for recommendation

This last tip that I’m giving you I think is gold, that is if you live in an area and you go on Google and you search heating and cooling or HVAC suppliers or companies that don’t sell to you they sell to your contractor. They are the vendors that supply them with the parts and the equipment and all that accessories and they’re not able to help you as far as doing anything to your house. That’s not what they do,  they sell heating and cooling parts and equipment but what they have is a front row seat to all the contractors that come into their store, so you know some of our local suppliers Like Ferguson, Johnstone Supply, Bruce Supply. all these different suppliers, they have a front row seat to all the companies that operate who look like they got you know some way of you know looks like they’re not on bad reputation looks like they can hold a conversation with a customer and provide good service. All of those things have a front row seat too, so they get to see the good and the bad and they might be able to refer you to someone that can take good care of you. you just tell him what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a smaller company they do this at a good price all that good things or maybe you’re looking for maybe a larger company that needs to be there right away depends on what you’re after for. 

Hopefully these tips can help you in finding your next good  HVAC contractor.

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