HVAC Electrical Tips

In this article we will talk about tips to help you avoid some of the electrical problems we’ve seen others make when they’re dealing with the electrical and their heating and cooling system. Hire a professional electrician Hire a professional electrician and somebody that this is what they do every day and their licensed and … Read more

How to find refrigerant leaks

Do you have a refrigerant leak in your heating and cooling system?  In this article we’re going to talk about the best ways that a heating and cooling technician can find that leak.  The first one is probably the easiest way if you have oil somewhere on the copper lines of the system, typically that … Read more

Benefits of Smart Thermostat

Whether you’re a Homeowner or a Property Owner, you are able to control your electricity bills. Considering how you can reduce expenses? In all honesty, assuming you’re a home or property owner, you can’t stand to be without innovation that permits you command over the cooling and heating in your home and property 24/7. Your … Read more

Is it time to replace your water heater

Indeed, even while latest water heaters are more very much planned than before types, they actually need routine maintenance to endure longer. You could involve it for a couple of additional years on the off chance that it’s actually warming water successfully and isn’t releasing or making any odd sounds. The usable existence of a … Read more

Learn How to Troubleshoot an Air conditioning System, Part 4

Liquid-Line Restriction A liquid-line restriction could be caused by: A plugged liquid line drier A kink in the liquid line A solder joint filled with solder A liquid-line restriction reduces the amount of refrigerant to the metering device. The suction pressure will be low. The suction superheat will be high. The discharge pressure will be … Read more