Learn How to Troubleshoot an Air conditioning System, Part 1

Air System Problems The primary problem that can occur in an air system is the reduction in airflow.             1- Air-handling systems do not suddenly increase in capacity.             2- On the other hand, the refrigeration system does not suddenly increase in heat-transfer ability. To troubleshoot, first remove the panel to access the direct expansion … Read more

HVAC Duct System Installation – Part 3

Duct Sealing The largest loss of efficiency in a ducted air system comes from air leaks. The biggest leak source in many older systems is found when building cavities are used for return air. The largest sources of leaks are around plenums and takeoffs. The use of garden-variety duct tape with no mastic is the … Read more

HVAC Duct System Installation – Part 2

Duct Materials The most common types of air ductwork are: Galvanized-steel sheet metal: Comes in large, flat sheets Common sizes are 4 ft wide and 8–10 ft long Offers the least amount of resistance to airflow The thickness of the metal is called its gauge Spiral metal: Made from long strips of narrow metal and … Read more

How to unfreeze air conditioner?

We will give you tips in this  article  to unfreezing your ac system and for keeping it running at ideal productivity. It’s not unexpected accepted that ac systems run best when they keep up with cooler temperatures. Be that as it may, this isn’t really the situation. At the point when the temperature around or … Read more

Is Short Cycling Bad?

Short cycling is something individuals discuss frequently, and it’s likewise something that we continually ward against. It’s an issue, yet when proceeded why it’s an issue, many individuals don’t have the response. That is fine! We’re not anticipating that anybody should be an air conditioning expert, particularly with how much preparation is expected to get … Read more

Why you need to have your ac serviced

Is getting your AC overhauled every year worth the expense? Some could track down it another pointless cost, however having your cooling unit overhauled no less than once each year is a fundamental piece of keeping it running at maximized operation. Ordinary check-ups assist with forestalling breakdowns and ensure you have the most amazing cooling … Read more

HVAC Duct System Installation – Part 1

Introduction Air-Distribution System Components Forced-air systems are used to distribute conditioned air in residential and small commercial buildings. The basic components of a forced-air system are the blower, return-air duct work carrying air to the blower, and supply-air duct work carrying air from the blower to the building. Most systems have large boxes on both … Read more

Thermostat Capillary Type

The Bulb is commonly a bigger measurement tube mounted in the material stream being examined. The slender is a little cylinder that diverts the liquid from the bulb to the head. The head can be a stomach or howl, which moves with the evolving temperatures. Our Capillary Thermostats additionally offer the choice of being surrounding … Read more