York Warranty Lookup

York Warranty Lookup

Clicke Here for York Warranty Lookup York HVAC systems are a reliable and energy-efficient choice for home and business owners looking to regulate the temperature of their indoor spaces. From split systems and heat pumps to furnaces and air conditioners, York offers a wide range of HVAC products to suit different needs and budgets. One […]

Is A Digital Thermostat More Efficient Than A Conventional One?

A digital thermostat is a type of thermostat that uses a digital display to set the temperature and programming. They can be more efficient because they take up less energy than other types of thermostats. What is a Digital Thermostat? Digital thermostats are more efficient than conventional thermostats for a number of reasons. First, digital […]

How To Choose The Best Ac Air Filters For Your Home

You may have never heard of an ac filter before, but they act as a barrier between your air conditioner and the outside environment. But with so many different types to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your home? In this article, we will break down each type of filter […]

HVAC Warranty: What You Need To Know

A blog article explaining what product warranties are and why they are important, as well as when you should register a warranty. Most HVAC manufacturers offer some type of warranty on their products. However, it’s important to understand the coverage and terms of these warranties before you make a purchase. What is a HVAC warranty? A […]

Tips in finding good HVAC contractors

I have some tips that I’m going to give you on finding your next good contractor. The first two are usually normal ones, the third one I think is a little different and unique. Word of Mouth This one is sort of a bit more of a warning on this tip and that is word […]

HVAC Electrical Tips

In this article we will talk about tips to help you avoid some of the electrical problems we’ve seen others make when they’re dealing with the electrical and their heating and cooling system. Hire a professional electrician Hire a professional electrician and somebody that this is what they do every day and their licensed and […]

Benefits of Smart Thermostat

Whether you’re a Homeowner or a Property Owner, you are able to control your electricity bills. Considering how you can reduce expenses? In all honesty, assuming you’re a home or property owner, you can’t stand to be without innovation that permits you command over the cooling and heating in your home and property 24/7. Your […]

Learn How to Troubleshoot an Air conditioning System, Part 4

Liquid-Line Restriction A liquid-line restriction could be caused by: A plugged liquid line drier A kink in the liquid line A solder joint filled with solder A liquid-line restriction reduces the amount of refrigerant to the metering device. The suction pressure will be low. The suction superheat will be high. The discharge pressure will be […]

Learn How to Troubleshoot an Air conditioning System, Part 3

DX Coil Operating Temperature The normal DX coil operating temperature will be affected by the air passing across it. The air passing across the coil will have an inlet and an outlet temperature. The inlet air is the return air and can also be referred to as the entering air temperature (EAT). The outlet air […]

Learn How to Troubleshoot an Air conditioning System, Part 2

Electrical Operating Sequence    The power circuit is the first to be examined, because power must be available to operate the loads.         For a refrigeration system with an air-cooled condenser, the three principal loads that must be energized are:                1- The compressor motor                2- The condenser fan motor                3- The evaporator […]