Why air duct cleanings are important

Most homes rely on central HVAC to provide temperature control evenly throughout their home. The homeowner wants every room in the home to have HVAC access and be the same temperature. In order for the HVAC to achieve whole home climate control, ductwork is installed. The job of the air ducts are to provide a passageway from room to room. The metal HVAC ducts are large, heavy and an eyesore though. So most HVAC companies stress hiding those non inviting ducts in the home walls and ceiling. This additionally provides the air ducts a layer of protection. While the HVAC ducts seem strong and large, they are actually quite susceptible to breakage. Even protected in the wallspace, there is the possibility of a tear or crack. This especially happens along the seam of the HVAC duct. If a non-qualified HVAC contractor installs the ductwork, he will most likely have the air ducts make a lot of twists and turns. With this, there are more seams and the likelihood of a hole forming goes up. So that is why it is especially pressing to have ductwork installation done by a qualified HVAC business. The HVAC ducts are installed safely, tightly and smoothly into the homes walls with no stress on the metal. But, accidents can happen and HVAC ducts can only take so much abuse. When a hole happens, the homeowner will know. The HVAC unit will most likely not turn off. It will keep running and running in order to achieve the temperature on the thermostat without any success. Not only is this a drain on those monthly energy bills, but the HVAC equipment also is receiving lots of abuse. The HVAC tends to overheat and major parts then begin to malfunction. 

Right when a homeowner notices the HVAC working harder and the home not feeling comfortable, ductwork sealing might be necessary. A professional HVAC contractor will have the necessary tools and patch up the cracks without causing any damage to the home or the HVAC ducts. Under qualified HVAC contractors will end up causing more destruction to the HVAC ducts in the process if they are not careful. These contractors will try to seal the holes in the ductwork one by one. This can cause more issues with the ductwork if they are not careful. Also, more of the home is disturbed with the HVAC contractor going in and out of the ductwork. It takes more time and the HVAC professional is more likely to miss where the crack is in the ductwork. This means that a homeowner could end up paying for ductwork sealing and either not have it sealed at all, or have more injury caused in the appointment. A professional ductwork cleaning business closes both the supply and return vents. What the HVAC professional then does is shoot high pressurized air. The mist has polymer particles. The air with sealant particles then reaches all of the ductwork. Nothing escapes through cracks or tears. The sealant particles stick all around the air ducts and along the edges. The particles can even seal up to a one inch hole. The residue from the sealant is non toxic and there are no fumes. It is a very safe procedure. Additionally, it is a very thorough procedure. Every section receives the sealant rather than just one spot. Professional ductwork sealing is done by a computerized system rather than the actual technician too. There is less of a chance for damage or error. Then a test is done on the ductwork afterwards and the homeowner receives a print out confirming the sealant worked. The appointment will even be protected under warranty as well. Choose a professional you can rely on and a HVAC business that has the non-invasive and necessary ductwork sealing tools.

What about when the air ducts get dirty? Most homes wait around seven years before they call an HVAC professional for ductwork cleaning. Why wait though? The air ducts get filled with a lot of contaminants due to the outdoor unit and inside debris. Spider webs, bugs, dust and pet dander are just some of the debris that can fill the air ducts. Mold, mildew and bacteria can form due to the moisture outside leaking inside the air ducts. Breathing in mold spores causes a family to at best get sick and worst respiratory problems. No homeowner wants to breathe in these contaminants day after day, and no homeowner should suffer through. The ductwork is hidden away. How do you know when it is time to get ductwork cleaning? Either take 5-7 years and figure it is time or a homeowner can evaluate their air quality and health. Those suffering from asthma especially will see an increase in difficulty breathing and asthma attacks. This is a sure sign that they need to receive regular ductwork cleaning. Even homeowners without breathing difficulties, allergy season is a rough one. It makes good sense to get the pollen, dust and other debris cleaned out of the air vents. Sneezing, coughing and having a headache all season is terrible. Every seasonal change stresses getting HVAC service, make ductwork cleaning a part of this appointment. Again, a qualified HVAC specialist needs to handle the cleaning process. A non-professional will most likely cause more damage in the cleaning process. Rather than use a large scrub brush and irritate the air ducts, HVAC professionals use more sophisticated tools. A professional duct cleaning service appointment should include specialized blowers, vacuums and brushes all designed to clean the supply, intake and return ducts in the home. This stops the HVAC contractor from tracking dirt all over the home. Also, the air ducts are fragile, the equipment a professional ductwork cleaning uses is gentler and all computerized. It takes the human element out of ductwork cleaning. A frustrated and uneducated HVAC professional could cause some serious damage. Additionally, a professional ductwork cleaning appointment should include the contractor cleaning the air handler, registers, grilles, fans, motors and coils of the HVAC device.

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