We love going for our winter wonderland walks

I can’t even say why, but my wife and I really love going for walks when it is snowing. It makes us feel like we’re in some kind of winter wonderland. We usually won’t go for a walk if it’s a terrible blizzard or anything like that. If the winds are too strong, we’ll stay inside with the warmth of the heating system and the fireplace. When the snow is light though and it’s peaceful outside, that’s the perfect time for us to head out there. The last time we went for one of our winter wonderland walks, it was entirely enjoyable at first. When we had walked a good distance, I actually made sure to have the smart thermostat on minimal settings to save on the utility bills. Then the snow started coming down harder and the winds started to pick up. I really have to say, I don’t enjoy the windchill so much when we are out there. We started to feel really cold and immediately I adjusted the temperature control settings for the heating system to a warm level. By the time we made it back to our front door, I decided to take a picture of my wife and I because she looked so cute with all the snow on her head and her winter clothes. Then we brushed the snow off of eachother and went back inside our home. The house was nice and toasty when we got inside and I went to start a fire in the fireplace as well. I didn’t even have to ask, my wife went to make some hot cocoa for us and we were able to get comfortable while warming up in front of the fireplace.


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