The Heating and Air Conditioning rules being enforced by HOA are nonsense

I have always played fairly, and by the rules. In fact, I have taken great pride in our ethics and honor in all things. And yet, when rules are applied disproportionately or unfairly, I tend to get pretty fired up. I just can’t let it rest it when special favors are given to some people while other people face serious penalties. It just strikes at the core of our being. The recent HOA situation regarding local Heating and Air Conditioning rules is a great example. I don’t go looking for trouble. But when it’s brought to our front door, I won’t ignore it either. Lately, the HOA in our planned retirement community is making our life a bit more strenuous and it’s all about their rules. I have earned a rather nasty warning letter from them concerning our Heating and Air Conditioning. That was not a very good start. Such hostile language over and Heating and Air Conditioning issue is utterly absurd to me. The problem appears to be that I am replacing one of our hedges so the Heating and Air Conditioning is temporarily visible. It won’t be any sort of problem in a few short weeks once our up-to-date hedge grows in a bit. But the HOA wants me to put up a fence until the hedge grows back. I told them in no unparticular terms that this will never happen. I even went as far as to take photographs of every HOA board members home. Half of them had the Heating and Air Conditioning very clearly visible from the road. That is simply egregious that they are threatening me when they themselves aren’t in compliance. If I get another letter, I’m simply turning it over to our pitbull wifey. She’s a defense lawyer who eats punks appreciate these for a morning snack.

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