Taking on the responsibility of caring for a dog

I couldn’t believe it when my wife decided that she wanted to get a puppy.

I had to admit, the puppy we ended up getting was the cutest puppy ever! It was a lot of work though getting him to learn to poop and pee outside and not in the house. We used puppy pads for awhile, but then we would take him for walks and he got the hang of everything. One thing that I had to learn to deal with was taking care of all the pet dander and dog hair in the house. This meant I had to keep up with the HVAC system maintenance and ductwork cleaning, and the air filters had to be changed more often. I used to change my 3 month air filters every 3 months, but with our dog, I have to change them every 2 months. I guess it’s nothing major but it certainly is an added expense. We even built a little fenced off dog area in the back of our house so we are able to let him out to go poop and pee, which is nice. We just have to keep up with cleaning his mess on a regular basis. He runs around the yard so much that he has caused a lot of the grass to wither away. This can be a problem when it rains outside, then he will come back inside with muddy paws! It’s funny because when it’s cold outside, he runs straight to his favorite HVAC vent so that he can warm back up. We actually ended up placing his doggy bed near the HVAC vent. He’s a great dog, but it sure is a lot of work taking care of him.
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