Radiant Heated Floors- Best to Leave it to the Professionals

Many people around the country are adding radiant heated floors to their home. Wood floors and tile is becoming more and more popular in homes around the world. While carpet can be comfortable, it is not as easy to care for and keep clean as hard wood and tile floors. People with kids and pets also find that tile floors are easy to clean and care for over carpet. Carpet can get worn out and stained and replacing it can be a costly burden. Radiant heated floors are saving people from having cold feet during the winter months. One thing about having tile floors is that the ceramic or stone can become very cold in the winter months, especially in the northern part of the country. After some research on radiant heated floors, I was able to determine the pros and cons of this type of heating as well as information on installation and how to go about starting such a project. 

Being from a warm region, I am not even sure that I have ever stepped foot inside a home with radiant heated floors. People install radiant heated floors in living rooms, mudrooms, bathrooms and even garages. In a normal home heating system, heat is lost when it travels through the baseboards. With a radiant heated floor system, the heat is sent directly where it is intended which cuts down energy costs, greatly. A radiant heated flooring system can last up for 35 years. Many homes have vents on the floors for the heat and are limited in where they are able to place furniture. The heat that radiates up from the floors warms the home allowing the thermostat to be set at a lower temperature. Another benefit of radiant heated floors is that those who suffer from allergies can benefit from the fact that the radiant heated floors does not require a vent. Without vents, dust and other allergens are not blown around the home. Although it takes a bit longer, eventually, the heat evenly circulates the room. If you are adding a room to an existing house, radiant heated floors are a great alternative to expanding HVAC ducts. After the power is turned off, the concrete till retain heat for much longer than a typical heating system would. The floors can be turned on to use as the main source of heating the home. The floors can he turned on even when people are not home. 

As with any new product on the market, there are also risks of having a radiant heated floor system installed. The cost of having this system installed can cost more than replacing a furnace. Because this is a newer type of heating system, many contractors are not familiar with this kind of work. It is not impossible to install a brand new radiant heated floor system, but it is a difficult and expensive process. Because the heat radiates up from the floor, it takes much longer to heat the home. If something goes wrong the the heated floor system, the repairs are time consuming and very costly. Cooling for a room with radiant heated floors can be difficult if it is an added room. You would need to install a window unit AC or something similar. Hardwood floors are the worst kind of flooring to have over a radiant heated flooring system. Vinyl is also a bad choice as most have a limit on temperature. It can become unsafe to put radiant heated floors under some vinyl because the heat can cause it to release harmful chemicals.  

I found a radiant heated floor mat on Home Depot’s website with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. This specific floor mat, the Sun Touch Floor Warming Match is 8 feet by 31 inches and costs $190. Many reviews state that even for the do it yourselfers, this is a difficult project. Many people say that they recommend spending the extra money to have a professional install the radiant heated floor mats. Another product that people seem to purchase along with the Heated Floormats is SunStat Command Programmable Radiant Floor Heating Thermostat. This slim and sleek profiled product costs around $170 and has great reviews. You have to way up to a month to use your new radiant heated floors. The SunStat Command Programmable Radiant Floor Heating Thermostat is user friendly. 

Even if you feel as though you are a DIY expert, it is best to hire a professional for this kind of job. If you are not familiar with exactly what is under the floor, do not tear it up. If you find that you are unable to install the heated floor mats, not only have you wasted a lot of money on the materials, but now you are responsible for replacing the floor in your home. This can become an expensive mistake very quickly. 

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