Our daughter loves to decorate the fireplace during the holidays

Our daughter has always been into arts and crafts and coming up with amazing decorations.

  • Something that she loves more than anything is decorating the mantle of the fireplace.

She will always make something special for all of the holidays because that’s when everybody enjoys hanging around the fireplace to keep warm. If I had to guess, I would say that the fall is her favorite time of the year when it starts to get cool and brisk outside. We always enjoy watching the leaves on the trees changing colors, and it’s a nice time to start using our fireplace before we actually turn on the heating system. Of course, we always make sure to have a chimney sweep come out to the house to make sure the fireplace is cleaned out and is in safe condition to use before we start using it. Our daughter will have all kinds of beautiful fall decorations prepared for the fireplace, and it always makes our living room look fantastic. I always look forward to the Halloween decorations she comes up with, she is rather creative and sometimes I don’t know how she pulls it off. Our house is always popular on Halloween because of all the wild decorations and spooky sounds. She will even break out the fog generators to make things extra spooky. It’s really nice during Christmas when we have a big family get together and of course the fireplace is always the main hangout spot. We enjoy hanging around the fireplace as a family so much, and I always feel a little bit sad when winter is finally gone and our daughter puts all the decorations away.
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