It was too hot to run the marathon

I entered a running marathon for charity last springtime, and I always love to do things such as this for both helping the needy plus getting some good fitness work for myself plus my body.

But let me tell you something, I will never do one of these again in the springtime or the summer! It will have to be either fall or early winter before it gets too cold.

Because in the springtime plus summer time it can be brutal on your body; when I was running in this thing, I wanted nothing more than to be in the presence of a quality air conditioner after running for about 20 hours! It got so bad that I had to particularly back out of the marathon on the very day of the run… My body was just needing the air conditioner on it plus I could not carry on separate from the air conditioner in the sizzling weather that was happening… However, the organization running the marathon completely understood plus for the day plus a half that I was in there got the credit plus currency went to the charity. Which that part was good plus I felt at ease with it. But I will not do this again unless they have one in September, October or something akin to that. What a lot of folks do not understand is that no matter how good of shape you think you are in, you will always need some kind of air conditioner when your body is overworked, but especially when the weather is super sizzling outside! After I bailed out of the marathon run I had gone back to my apartment plus cranked my central air conditioner component to the max!

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