I’m going to be talking to my daughter’s second grade class.

When Jerry started sponsoring the kids PeeWee teams, we had a seven-year-old daughter. She didn’t quite know what daddy did when he went to work, but she knew he might want to come to school with her for work day. Work day was the one day of the year when the kids could bring their parents to school. It was like taking your kids to work day, but opposite. Ava wanted her daddy to go to school with her and tell all of the kids what he did for a living. It was funny because he didn’t know what to tell her. She asked him by asking him what he did when he went to work? I laughed when he said he was the owner of a HvAC company and she just made a face. She wanted to know what HVAC was? He told her that without HVAC technicians, everyone would be too hot or too cold all the time. She started to laugh and she opened her eyes wide. She asked him if he was the one who created cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter? He laughed, but he liked that she caught on so quickly. She told him he had to come to school now, because he was really important. It didn’t take long before he agreed to go to school. I laughed when he got home that afternoon. He said he couldn’t believe that he was upped by a woman who washed dogs and painted their toenails, but she brought a puppy in with her and he couldn’t bring a furnace or air conditioning unit.

Cooling equipment

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