I was amazed by how well the portable A/C unit worked

You know, I never thought that grilling could be any better than it was, but I was wrong about that.

  • I realized that there were times when I would feel entirely overheated while cooking on the grill because the sun would be beating down on me.

Then, my wife ended up buying me a portable A/C unit. I was entirely skeptical of that portable A/C unit at first because it was small and didn’t seem like it could do much. Well, she paid a good amount of money for it, so she said that she hoped that I would really like it. So I followed the directions and filled it up with water. I had it charged up before I fired up the grill. When I had that portable A/C unit next to me while I was grilling, I honestly was in disbelief. It has a powerful current of A/C blasting towards whichever way you direct it. In this case, I was directing that powerful A/C towards me and it was really cool and relaxing. I actually felt roughly 10 degrees cooler while I was grilling and that made all the difference in the world. It actually made grilling food more enjoyable. Even when we would have outdoor get togethers, I would always have my portable A/C unit with me to keep me cool no matter where I went. I even took it to the beach a few times and I also took it fishing with me. When my buddies saw how great that portable A/C unit worked, they all said they wanted to get one just like it.

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