I was able to get some energy saving tips from the guy at the store

A big issue I realized that we had was that our energy bills were always way too expensive.

I tried to think about what the problem was, and then I realized that we always left the curtains wide open while the sun rays streamed through the windows. I figured those sun rays must have been heating up our home and causing our A/C system to work harder. This is when I decided to get blackout curtains. Even when I was buying the curtains, I asked the guy at the store if he knew of any good energy saving tips. I explained how my energy bills were costly, and I thought it was because of my HVAC system. He told me a few good energy saving tips, and said that his cousin was an HVAC technician. He said it was a good idea to get a smart thermostat to save roughly 10% on the energy bills. He then told me that on top of the blockout curtains, it was a good idea to use LED light bulbs because they don’t emit much heat. On top of that they save you a huge amount of money on the energy bills. I couldn’t believe I never thought of these things. So I got LED light bulbs to replace all the lights in the house, and I purchased a smart thermostat. My wife wasn’t really happy about the blockout curtains, but I figured she would just have to get used to it. The LED bulbs are great, and the smart thermostat is way better than I realized.

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