How you can save energy with thermostat management

The thermostat is the silent hero connected to your HVAC system. Without a properly working thermostat, temperature control would be quite difficult. The thermostat not only sets the temperature on the home, but can do many more functions. The first and foremost thing to know is that a thermostat can significantly lower energy bills. A few adjustments here and there and the bills can go down by almost 10%. Rather than be a freezing 60 degrees in the summer and a warm 80 degrees in the winter, just set the thermostat where you are just content. Lowering or raising 5-7 degrees makes all the world of difference in your bills. Additionally, it is not as difficult on your HVAC equipment. On a very hot, muggy day the cooling system works hard to achieve the temperature on the thermostat. Sometimes the weather is too hot or the AC unit is too small. This makes the air conditioner equipment work and work but never achieve the temperature. The AC equipment then will wear out parts, stop turning on and have a decreased lifespan. Giving the air conditioner a chance at achieving the thermostat’s temperature allows it to turn off and take a break every now and then. This then in turn adds a few more years onto the equipment’s lifespan. A lot of people believe that if they set the air conditioner to a colder setting, then turn it off, it is better for the AC equipment. The house is colder, this should then make it easier to cool down when it warms up. That is false. If you have the house a little warmer than you would like, there is more heat inside the house. The flow of heat after the air conditioner turns off is less than if the house was freezing cold. So it is actually better to have the house warmer and keep it that way rather than freezing cold and maintain it.

The type of thermostat also can make a difference in your life and HVAC equipment. Some older homes go with a basic dial thermostat. Way back in the day everyone used to manually adjust the temperature control device because that’s all they had. The numbers are huge, it is easy to work and simple to install. The dial thermostats last forever and do get the job done. Not ever homeowner wants to get up and get down every time they want a new setting. Also when saving energy, it is easier to do this with a programmable one or smart device. A programmable thermostat is just like it sounds, you set a program with it. Most people take advantage of this with sleep and work. You can save money by changing the temperature a few degrees when sleeping. Do you need quality heating when you are in bed? Most people have heated blankets, mattress pads and a space heater anyway. Cut back on the heating for eight hours and see the savings. Additionally, a lot of people leave the home for work and are gone for hours. Rather than keep the home a perfect temperature, again let the HVAC system take a break. The thermostat can turn the system completely off or just change the thermostat settings drastically until you are enroute home. The only snag is that a heat pump system is not completely recommended with a programmable thermostat. You can use the higher temperature idea with summer cooling to save money. But, in the winter it does not work with the heat pump’s heating function since the device does not create heat the same way as a furnace or fireplace. It would be better to keep the thermostat at a constant setting instead.

The best thermostat option out there, arguably, would be the smart thermostat. There are so many neat features this new device on the market offers. Even more savings happens with this device since it doesn’t rely on a homeowner setting the program. The thermostat learns your heating and cooling needs after you adjust it for about a week. The thermostat then does the program on its own. Additionally, the thermostat will scan a home to see if there is anyone home. If you leave the house, the equipment powers the HVAC down. When you walk in the door, the HVAC fires back up. So an expected trip to the store ends up saving you energy. The thermostat even will alert the homeowner if they are setting the temperature to an efficient setting or not. It is said that the thermostat brings money back from 2-3 years ago with how much it saves. Another key feature is that the thermostat is wifi operated and that means it can be controlled from anywhere. On vacation, at the office or on a road trip, this device is able to be adjusted as long as the homeowner has wifi. This is good for unexpected cold bursts coming in or a massive heat wave. The house is protected because the thermostat has your back. What if you are not able to get your phone, laptop or tablet? The smart thermostats are now becoming like Alexa with voice control. In bed if you decide you want more heating, let your thermostat know. The temperature control device keeps a homeowner informed once a month with a report. You learn about energy savings, uses, vacation modes, your programs, and indoor air quality. The thermostat can even alert the homeowner if an air filter change is needed or if the indoor air conditions seem poor. It is monitoring the home that closely. So what thermostat option is the right choice for you and your HVAC equipment? Because there is not just one type of smart thermostats and programmable model. You can invest in a Nest Learning Thermostat, Ecobee Smart Thermostat, Honeywell Wifi Thermostat and so many more options. Take things into consideration like how user friendly the device should be, if you want security with the system and what is the most important service your device provides.

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