Comparing different air conditioning brands

In the HVAC industry there are many types of brands out there for your equipment. It is up to the homeowner to determine and decide what brand works best for them. Each model has its own benefits and setbacks. Additionally, factors like home size, layout and demand of temperature control are factored in. Certain homeowners are more devoted to improving their indoor air conditions by removing moisture, mold and dust. This would be due to the fact that there are home occupants with breathing difficulties like asthma or severe allergies. Other homeowners might want cutting-edge technology on the market that offers smart control/WIFI capability due to a job that takes them away from the home. The HVAC business is responsible for offering a product that is both reliable and efficient. The technology should meet industry standards and have high performance ratings. A homeowner should know the reputation of not only the HVAC business, but the products that they offer. Certain HVAC companies will only specialize in one brand like Carrier or Trane products. While this may work for most homeowners, other individuals want a few more options to decide what is important. There are HVAC businesses out there that offer a wide selection for a homeowner to choose from and they additionally provide the SEER rating with each product. A homeowner should look for the right product and company that suits their heating and cooling needs.

Trane is a brand of air conditioner that a homeowner can select to place into their home. For every new brand, the product is a little different. Trane is built to withstand years of use and keep on going without a hiccup. There is a TruComfort System that alternates between operating speeds and BTU, the onboard compressor and connected fans assist with this. The process is made to handle the outside temperature and maintain a cool indoor air climate. The Trane product is said to keep the house climate control within half a degree of the thermostat setting. This type of product is considered the workhorse of the air conditioning industry. Trane systems can have a SEER rating up to 20. Not just any old HVAC contractor should handle Trane products however. The HVAC contractor should be a certified Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer.

Carrier is probably the most known and popular brand of air conditioner. The product is named after Willis Carrier, the inventor of the first modern air conditioning system in 1902. The air conditioning technicians have to be specially trained in the installation and tools in order to handle Carrier products. They must meet industry standards year after year or lose their certification. That is why homeowners know they can trust Carrier. The businesses with Carrier HVAC Dealers and Carrier products have the knowledge, expertise and infield experience to handle any AC complications. The actual product is said to be quiet, durable and designed to keep the home indoor air temperature refreshing. This brand of air conditioning is said to be quite energy efficient and the SEER rating can go up to 21 with this system. The Carrier products continue to rank among the world’s best air conditioners. The Carrier Infinity series is a central air conditioner that is known for its ideal efficiency. Only a certified Temperature Tough Carrier HVAC dealer is allowed to handle these state of the art, energy efficient cooling systems.

When looking for AC equipment or just looking around the block at what your neighbor has the three main brands will be Trane, Carrier and Bryant. Many HVAC providers in the neighborhood will be Bryant authorized dealers trained in those specific products. This brand has been working to improve indoor air comfort for over one hundred years. Bryant gives off the ideal system to fit a homeowners needs. Efficiency is a top priority with Bryant and the Bryant Evolution Control is known as the go to component. The component allows homeowners a single access point with intuitive programming. The Evolution System has superior humidity control, quiet operation and a SEER rating up to 20. With two stage operation, Bryant has an ideal system that provide reliable comfort. 

What about the lesser known products out there? There is Lennox and Rheem for AC equipment. Lennox has an innovative two stage cooling system that runs efficiently and produces an even temperature throughout the home. It is said to be better than a conventional single stage system. Lennox is the number one rated filtration system that can even endure the harshest outdoor climates. It has variable-capacity operation and will automatically adjust itself to provide peak performance and optimal efficiency. The SEER ratings with Lennox go up to 25 too! Rheem has been around forever, as in the 1920s. Rheem products exceed the precise industry and regulation standards for high quality, dependable operation. Rheem also gives ideal service, comfort and even gives a good warranty. The products are quite well known in the industry and go up to 19.5 in SEER ratings. 

Other products to look for are York, American Standard, Amana, and Frididaire. York has the revolutionary LX Series and the extremely energy efficient AFFinity Series models. Famous structures like the Empire State Building, U.S. Capitol Building and the Sydney Opera House contain a York heating and Cooling product. The SEER rating is up to 18 and the York Quiet Drive Comfort System can silence vibration offering a quiet system for the home. Amercian standard worked with NASA to create a cool environment for their astronauts and is considered one of the most reliable brands. Amana is a product that is built to last. It has high quality filter driers, two-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressors and R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant. Frigidaire uses solid steel construction. It also is quite easy on the budget and has a staggerily high SEER rating of 25. Frigidaire is efficient, quiet and of superior quality. Also each product is tested before it is sent out to the proublic. Before leaving the factory, a Frigidaire product will be checked over by a professional around 144 times. 

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