Considering different HVAC replacements

The best HVAC contractors in the game put Carrier air conditioners at the top of the list when it comes to adding quality, reliable HVAC cooling to their customer’s homes.  Carrier air conditioning is considered among the very best of all the HVAC air conditioning manufacturers. This top billing comes well earned when you consider that Carrier actually invented what we consider modern day air conditioning.  At the very beginning of the 20th century, Willis Carrier and his group of engineers created a design for commercial air conditioning in 1902.

Those six engineers pooled there money and, under the direction of Mr. Carrier, formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation in 1915.  Initially, the company was headquartered in upstate New York. However, the first Carrier factory was built in Newark, New Jersey. They built those first commercial air conditioners in this factory and revolutionized the way this country did business. However, Carrier did not stop with these air conditioners which were designed for businesses.  Through the next several decades, Carrier continued to innovate their air conditioners to fit what would become the residential HVAC market.

By the 50’s, Carrier and their residential air conditioners again changed the entire landscape of the nation. Locales which had always been considered far too hot for cities to grow became growing communities.  Homeowners were able to take advantage of HVAC cooling to counterbalance the heat of these regions. Now, home air conditioning is routine thanks to the efforts of the Carrier corporation. The history of innovation and technology lends a great deal of credence to Carrier being the standard for the HVAC industry. Today, that same tradition is represented in all of the current lines and models of Carrier air conditioning.  They continue to produce and deliver the most reliable and customer friendly air conditioners on the planet. While Carrier is clearly an excellent choice when considering an HVAC upgrade or replacement, there are a few more elemental issues to consider.

Carrier products are made to the most exacting criteria but, without proper installation, the choice of brand is moot. Carrier doesn’t simply authorize an HVAC dealer to move product.  They train each HVAC contractor and technician on the Carrier factory standard. While most HVAC contractors agree that any Carrier product is top notch, only certified Carrier air conditioning experts should put their hands on this quality equipment. There is an extensive and rigorous training program all certified HVAC experts must go through. Then, they are required to do extended education to maintain that credential. The focus of the factory training is on thorough knowledge of Carrier products and installation.  But, Carrier takes an additional step. Carrier ultimately wants their customers to feel as though their Carrier expert is superbly trained but also has the willingness to go the extra mile for complete customer satisfaction. Each homeowner has a number of issues to contemplate while considering an air conditioning upgrade or replacement.

Having a professionally trained and certified HVAC contractor to think through these issues can make the entire process much easier. Perhaps the first thing to consider is your home. How warm does the house become in the peak heat of summer?  Are you constantly adjusting the air conditioner so it can catch up to the peak load demand? There is always the possibility that your current HVAC unit was never sized properly which would lead to a host of problems. Another thing to consider would be how long you plan to remain in the home. Is this the home you’ll be living in for a decade or more? Or, will you be selling the home in the near term? Many homeowners face these questions so, a certified HVAC professional can guide you to the right line and model for your specific situation. If you plan to flip the home or know you’ll be needing a bigger place in the not too distant future, a certified HVAC contractor can provide guidance in that scenario.  The purchase of any quality HVAC heating and cooling system is a very big investment. Considering the money involved, looking at it any other way is simply foolhardy. There are homeowners who may want to invest a bit more capital upfront to reap the energy savings over several decades. But, there are those of us who need to save the maximum on initial costs for equipment and installation due to short term financial realities.

However, money is not the only or even the most important consideration. Air conditioning is ultimately all about comfort so that has to be a major point of emphasis as well. What’s the point of a new HVAC cooling system if not for the comfort right? Then there is how a homeowner wants the air conditioning system to perform.  A modern Carrier unit does not simply blow cool air into your house. Actually, it does more removing of the hot air than anything else. And with that hot air removal comes a balancing of humidity levels. Balanced humidity is elemental when it comes to preventing an environment where mold & mildew proliferate. The modern Carrier air conditioning system controls and manages the ventilation and airflow in your home. Some Carrier models allow for up to 8 different zones which can then be independently controlled. This works perfect for those families who need separate temperature zones. Do you have those in your house who want a blanket on them even during the summer but don’t want to ruin it for everybody else? These are the sort of comfort questions which should be considered to help your Carrier HVAC expert provide the exactly matched air conditioning system for you and your family.  Carrier can even address respiratory issues related to allergies or pet hair and dander. The abilities of both the HVAC product and the Carrier certified professional combine to provide your home with the very best in air conditioning performance. You can always count on the reliability of Carrier products and those certified professionals who install and service them. 

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