Choosing an affordable heating option for work shed

Last month, my husband decided to buy a shed to place on our property. The shed is 12 ft by 18 ft and it’s in our backyard, to the left of our house. My husband turned the shed into a small woodworking area. He has tools all over the place and pieces of wood and trim everywhere. He worked in construction for 20 years, before he decided to retire and start making furniture. He has sold many different chairs, sofas, and tables. In fact, the recent sales are exactly what prompted us to buy the shed. My guy needs more room to work every day. The garage has been filled with woodworking tools for the past year. There is no more room to park my car or store the bicycles. The shed was a great option to give us more space. We even found several models, and chose something with a cute porch. Unfortunately, it’s starting to get cold outside. The garage had a small heater, but the shed is a cold hollow box. My husband decided to look for a heater to place in the shed. We went to Home Depot to see if we could find something reasonable. They had a lot of different options, so we decided to go home and perform more research online. There are about 100 different wall heaters available on the website. We narrowed down our choices to four small wall heaters.

Dyna-Glo offers a 30000 BTU natural gas wall heater. It can be purchased online or shipped to the store. The Dyna-Glo 30000 BTU natural gas infrared wall heater has an AFUE rating of 99%. That makes this heater a very energy efficient choose. It has a dial heater control with radiant heating indoors. There are a variety of heat settings. The Dyna-Glo 30000 BTU natural gas wall heater was priced at $150. The Dyna-Glo wall heater seemed easy to operate with numerous added safety features. The vent free technology requires no ductwork or chimney. Since the Dyna-Glo wall heater is gas powered, it’s easy to use in situations when you may not have electricity. I thought that would be perfect for an outdoor shed. The infrared technology works by radiating heat outward to warm the closest objects first. The Dyna-Glo natural gas wall heater could easily heat up to a thousand square feet. I saw a variety of installation pictures, and the Dyna-Glo wall heater would be suitable for any space. I was happy to see an included wall mount bracket for easy installation.

I also looked at another Dyna-Glo product. For a few dollars less, Dyna-Glo also offers a blue flame liquid propane wall heater. This Dyna-Glo wall heater is also a 30000 BTU heater, but the convection heating works more like a traditional home heating system. The blue flame heater is great for rooms with a good deal of insulation. The 30000 BTU vent free blue flame liquid propane wall heater by Dyna-Glo also includes a safety grill over the heated area. This is a safety feature that protects against contact with the direct heat. There is a single push button to start which requires a AAA battery. Using propane seemed like an easier solution than natural gas, but I wasn’t really impressed with either.

My husband and I also looked at a third type of wall heater. This vent free radiant propane heater by the company Mr. Heater, is another electricity free heating option. The diant 30000 liquid propane vent free heater is perfect for the coldest days. The unit can easily be mounted permanently to any wall or floor area. There are multiple burner tiles that help to warm your space. There is also a factory-installed oxygen depletion sensor for even more peace of mind. The mr. Heater 30000 BTU vent free radiant propane heater was priced around the same amount as both of the Dyna-Glo wall heaters. The mr. Heater propane heater is more like a portable unit, because it can be moved from place to place. The Mr. Heater propane heater also has a thermostat so you can set the machine for a specific temperature. When the room reaches the desired temperature, the Mr. Heater vent free propane heater will automatically shut off.

All three of these heaters were good options for our work shed. Surprisingly, our choices were much more affordable than we previously anticipated. We expected to spend three or four hundred dollars to heat the space. Instead, we were looking at two hundred dollars. My husband and I spent a few days thinking about the pros and cons for each one of the heating devices. After carefully reviewing our options, we decided to purchase the Dyna-Glo infrared natural gas wall heater. I really wanted to find something that we could use without electricity, and the Dyna-Glo natural gas wall heater is easy to operate with numerous safety features. The customer reviews were one of the biggest reasons that we decided to purchase the product. Over the last six months, every single one of the reviews have been extremely positive. Most customers gave the product four or five stars. Folks said the heater was easy to install and easy to use. I didn’t see any reviews that were completely negative. 

My husband ordered the Dyna-Glo natural gas infrared wall heater last week, and we paid for overnight shipping. It was a few dollars extra, but we wanted to install the heater over the weekend. The temperatures are supposed to get cold next month, and we want to be prepared. Installing the Dyna-Glo natural gas infrared wall heater was much easier than I anticipated. I barely had to break a sweat. The heater looks great. We installed the bracket kit right above the work bench. The Dyna-Glo blue flame heater provides plenty of warmth to the entire area. In fact, it works so well that we only have to use the heater for a few hours at a time. I left my own review online, and I am pleased with the purchase.

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