Better productivity with better Heating and Air Conditioning comfort

I have learned that smart businesses and professionals understand the fine relationship between productivity and comfort.

Businesses should have figured this out some time ago.

Properly trained and motivated, an acquaintance tasks so much better when they are in a comfortable environment. This is an idea that I always had such a strenuous time getting across to the corporate executives I have had to work with. They are in their perfectly Heating and Air Conditioning inspected offices so this should just be logical that comfort plays a large part. I quit trying to convince them and now I have a task for myself as a consultant. I appreciate what I’m doing far better. The scheduling and stress are far more manageable. I task from beach house which helps cut down on my overhead. My office was once our eldest son’s room and works perfectly for our purposes. Being a supplier for myself has worked out far better than I had planned. But, I did take our own advice. I observe that our up-to-date office just wasn’t as Heating and Air Conditioning comfortable as I desired. Plus, I liked to be able to control the temperature in just that locale. So, I contacted the Heating and Air Conditioning people the two of us have used forever. They came out to install a ductless heating & cooling device right in our office. The replacement didn’t take very much time at all. The results are awesome and our productivity is, of course, at a record high. Now, I can cool our office down to a temperature that doesn’t freeze out everyone else in the place. Seems appreciate I run a bit cooler than most. I find a cool crisp task space to be one that helps me to focus and be productive.


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